Freedom Fortnight Celebration Independence Day 2016 ICSE/ISC

The true foundation of the nation is laid on the vigor and supreme temperament of people of that Nation and the young generation in particular. The fundamental underlying ambition should be to serve our country in every possible way and develop a strong sense of unquestioning devotion towards the country.

Different from the conventional routine, this year the council decided on an exceptional fortnight celebration of Independence Day with a series of different activities among the students under the caption “AZADI 70 – YAAD KARO KUBAANI” to instill an intense feeling of Nationalism in the minds of students.

The celebration got instigated on the 13th of August 2016 with the making of cards that were sent to the JAWAANS through the appropriate channel.

Students of Class 8 to 12 along with the teachers celebrated the auspicious festival, RAKSHABANDHAN with the officers of the NCC battalion and the C-division police station – BHAVNAGAR.

Slogan writing competition for the students of Class 6 to 8 with the theme of freedom.

Freedom movement run was held on 15th August 2016. The students carried banners denoting the theme: “Jara Yaad Karo Kurbani”. The contribution of the children was the research they did to make the banners with the slogans by the freedom fighters. The children were all filled with enthusiasm as they walked on the scheduled route in a procession.

Painting Competition for the students of Class 8 to 12 on the theme of freedom.

In a conclusion, part of the fortnight celebration on the 23rd August 2016 organized a CYCLOTHON across the city. Students of 8th to 12 standards along with the teachers expressed their zeal in executing it in an unforgettable manner shouting slogans, sayings, phrases, mottos, and quotes from the leaders of our country.

Play with freedom movement as the theme was performed by the students of Class 9 & 10.

Patriotic songs and dances were performed on the wrapping up day on the 23rd of August integrated with worth listening to a sagacious speech by the students.

The public speaking activity was held by Class 11 & 12 students on what you have done for the country. In a nutshell, it was an exceptional and unforgettable celebration of INDEPENDENCE DAY 2016.