Frank Anthony Memorial Inter-School Debate 2015 ICSE/ISC

It was a historical moment for Amarjyoti Saraswati International School when for the first time ever a National Level Debate Competition was organized in the school and it lived up to everyone’s expectations.
Preparations for the Venue of the debate competition were going on for the past one month and every teacher, as well as the housekeeping staff, were on their toes all the time adding their bit of contribution for making this event a grand success.

Mr. Edward George and Mr. Shailesh Khuman were appointed the In-charge Coordinators for this event. The Day was the 15th of July 2015 and the venue was ASIS Second Floor Examination Hall where everything was ready well in advance before the event began.

We had invited Mr. Pradipsinh Gohil (Director, Acrysil Bhavnagar), Dr. Dilip Barad (H.O.D English, Maharaj Krishnakumarsinhji University, Bhavnagar), and Ms. Dipti Bhatt ( Vice-Principal, S.N.D.T. Women’s College, Bhavnagar) to be our honorary Jury members of the debate competition.

There were in total 8 teams from across Gujarat who had registered their names for the competition and a few teams turned up one day prior to the event due to long-distance traveling.

The program started as per the scheduled time but unfortunately one of the teams withdrew its name at the last moment so we were left with seven teams to compete with.

Preeti Ma’am along with her group of students sang a melodious devotional prayer and kick-started the program. Then after we had the lighting of the lamps by our honorable Jury Members and other dignitaries present over there. Mr. Shailesh Khuman was the Moderator for the event and he introduced the Judges as well as the speakers to the audience after which the rules of the debate were read out by him.

After this, the Debate topic was read out to the participants and they were sent to the school library so that they could prepare their speeches accordingly and the time duration of one hour was allotted to them.
After exactly one hour everyone gathered back at the same place and the debate started. There were two members from every school who spoke for and against the motion. It was left entirely up to that school to decide as to who would speak for and against the motion. Every participant was allotted four minutes time after which there was a two minutes rebuttal round in which questions were asked by the other participating team members.

The debate had many lively moments wherein one of the participants expressed his views in the form of a beautiful song and then there was yet another participant who got huge applause from the audience after her mesmerizing speech.

After all the participants had finished their speech there was this interactive session with the audience wherefrom students from the audience expressed their views on the topic as well their first ever experience of seeing such a live debate.

After much deliberation and discussion among themselves, the three Jury members were finally ready to announce the results and Mr. Pradipsinh Gohil (The Chairperson) came up on stage and gave some very useful tips to the participants about what he observed from their speeches.

The winners’ names were announced in the order of the first runners up, the Best speaker, and the Best team. S. N. Kansagra school students were declared the first runners up followed by the best speaker award given to Namrata Chandorkar from Anand Niketan School, Satellite, Ahmedabad.

And it was once again Anand Niketan School, Ahmedabad who was awarded the best team by the Jury Members.

All in all, it was a very enriching experience for many students as well as teachers as it was for the first time that they had witnessed a debate of this level and kind.

Not to forget the untiring efforts put in by all teachers, principals, Vice-principals, and the management staff who really went that extra mile to make this event a big success. We would also not forget to mention the housekeeping staff and the drivers of our school who contributed their bit in making this event successful.

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A special and big Thanks to Amarjyoti Madam for providing all the resources needed to make this event a mega event.