Fireless Cooking Competition Std 1st & 2nd ICSE/ISC ASIS Group

Fire is undoubtedly the most essential ingredient in modern-day cooking. It helps in enhancing the taste of several dishes, but interestingly the first human civilization didn’t even know how to light the fire in their times. Researchers believe that ancient humans survived on raw vegetables and fruits, but I think they mostly had their own cooking without fire recipes at least in some form.

Well, it’s certainly a fascinating thought cooking food without fire as we are now entering into the world where innovations are looking to take over traditional food making processes. Keeping this in mind Amarjyoti Saraswati International School kept this competition for their little ones.
We had never thought that students will come out with such innovative ideas can come. We had a variety of exciting delicious dishes. Few Items were Chat Basket, Fruit creamy salad, Dry fruit biscuit, chocolate balls, Nachos, Mocktails, Sandwiches, Biscuits fruit cake, Guava Pineapple welcome drinks, Subway burgers, Moss, jelly, Bread Dahi puri, Nacho’s salsa, sprouted Bhel, American basket fruit raita, Moong sprouted salad, fruit dessert, chocolate chops sandwiches, etc.

The concept of cooking without fire may seem really cool, but I don’t think we can live with it for long. It’s just good for fun learning experiences and occasional competitions. The fire has improved and upgraded our food cultures in many ways over the years. It also helps in getting rid of the harmful bacteria that may be present in raw food items. So there is no reason to entirely adopt the fireless technique in the modern kitchen.

We would like to thank our judges Mrs.Shefali Chuahan and Ms. Bhumi from our nursery section. We would also like to thank Mrs. Amarjyoti mam for encouraging and appreciating the little ones.