Felicitation ceremony Std 10 & 12 NASA students & Spell Bee Competition

A nation rests on its citizens. The destiny of the nation is shaped entirely by the citizens and it is today’s children who will be tomorrow’s citizens. This makes it imperative that we accord the highest priority to their mental and moral well-being. Felicitating them for the excellent academic and nonacademic achievements contributes largely to the pursuit of superiority in the future.

To honor the students the school hosted a ‘felicitation ceremony’ on the 18th of June on its premises. They were heartily called upon by the school management to give their most deserving awards on 18 June 2016 in the morning assembly.

It was a joint assembly and all the students from all the three boards and the entire teaching staff accompanied by the also school Heads were present.

The event also saw the felicitation of those students and teachers who went for the NASA Trip this year. They shared their wonderful experiences with everyone. Both, the students as well as the teachers shared their wonderful experiences of being at the world’s biggest space research center and meeting the veteran astronauts.

The students who had won in the spell- bee competition were also called on stage and were given away their certificates and medals.