Fancy Dress Competition – Grade 4 & 5 | August 2022

Fancy Dress Competition - Grade 4 & 5 | August 2022

27th Saturday was a stupendous day. Students of Grade – 4th and 5th surprised each one of us with their creativity costumes and marvelous presentation in the fancy dress competition. The audience were in awe to see them representing legends across the globe.

We could feel the presence of famous personalities like Newton, Sarojani Naidu, Chetan Bhagat, Lakshmi Agrawal, Enid Blyton, Swami Vivekanand A.P.J Kalam and many more to admire.

ASIS stars pulled the event gracefully with wonderful anchoring and volunteering by them. We were privileged to have Ms.Bansari kumar Shah Principal of Kid’s zone Bhavnagar and Ms.Vyas one of are dedicated parents as judges for this competition.

Out and out one of the best event of the month. Cheers to our ASISIANS for their fabulous job.

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