Excel Crop Care Trip 2013 by ASIS School Student ICSE/ISC

On 26th July 2013, the students of class X, XI, and XII along with our principal Mr. Rajendra Gohil, science teacher Mrs. Ushma Jadev and Mr. Sumit Navaini had an industrial visit to Excel Crop, Bhavnagar.

We reached the facility around 9 am, where we were warmly welcomed by their PRO Mr. Paresh Pathak who gave us a brief introduction about the history and production of agrochemicals, mainly pesticides. Excel Crop Care has a yearly turnover of Rs 750 Crores.

The Founder of the company is Shri CC Shroff. They have maintained all safety rules and regulations along with four types of certificates.

  • Social Welfare
  • Quality of the material used
  • Environmental conservation
  • Safety rules for workers.

Mr. Pusohit of Excel Crop Care gave us detailed history and information about the production of pesticides. Mainly Azophus and Phosphate. They also have a Bioremediation plant which recycles 250kg of the canteen waste every day for the production of bio-fertilizer.

The plant recycles the sewage water of Bhavnagar. They take 350,000 liters of wastewater for biofiltration where they treat it with earthworms. They use this water for irrigation and in this process field.

Overall the industrial visit was very informative and interesting for all who went.