Endeavor to educate online by ASIS Group

In this indecisive situation, it’s imperative that learning continues. With the dire situations prevailing in the entire world, Amar Jyoti Saraswati International School took the initiative to keep the students engrossed with studies. A team of diligent teachers is all set to render unrivaled services to the students to pursue their learning. Access to expert faculty, finest learning practices, and other online learning resources for students.

ASIS has decided not to wait and watch. Let the world watch on the initiatives our school is taking to impart education and let others follow our paradigm optimum use of technology. At once devised a WhatsApp group of classes from 1 to 12.

Teachers of the respective subjects are sending audio and video explanations. They are giving manifold tricky questions for the students to find the answers to, assignments are given. Regarding the virtual classes, teachers are individually having a video conversation with the students. Especially for a subject like Maths, science, commerce, and Accounts.

Display of some working pattern developed by the subject teachers in science.
Apart from this, Extramarks Learning Application is playing a dominant role in imparting education to the students. CUG service is actively put into use for
group discussion on a topic. Initiative taken by ASIS is essentially giving complete satisfaction to the students and parents as well.

To our surprise, parents are playing an active role in making the students learn and be immersed in the work assigned by the teachers.

They also get involved in various study related conversations.

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