Educational Visit to Alang Ship Breaking Yard ICSE/ISC Student

Practical learning is a significant part of developing the students as responsible citizens which is virtually unfeasible to convey in the usual teaching method of the classroom. It is rather a powerful approach to bring the students to real-world learning and undoubtedly adds up to raising the standards of education.

Students of 6th 7th and 8th of ASIS had the opportunity to apprehend and experience this practical aspect of learning. The trip commenced exactly at the prescribed time at about 9 am. The first site was the rolling mill which was very much pertinent to technology and engineering. Students were seen probing into the different facets of production and management from the concerned inhabitants of the mill.

The second site was the ALANG Shipbreaking yard. This again added up to the ardent approach of learning by seeing. One of the predominant aspects was that the students could understand the complexities concerning the execution of ship breaking and the hard life of the workers.

The third site was the FARMHOUSE which is in the close vicinity of Bhavnagar was only for revivification and rejuvenation and looked more like a playground.

Students who do not thrive in the classroom can be seen blooming with overflowing positivity on an educational trip like this.

The entire group reached the school back by 4pm. In short had a whale of time.