Educational Trip Std 3rd To 5th ASIS Group ICSE/ISC GSEB

Educational tour is a media where students will come through an experience of witnessing the practical aspect of what they read. Practical knowledge can often lead to a deeper understanding of a concept through personal experience.

Students of the 3rd to 5th standard of ASIS and AJSV were fortunate enough to get out of the customary and conservative method of learning and explore the world outside. The trip which was organized commenced precisely at 9.00 am from the school to reach GANDHI SMRUTI by 10.30 am. Students took tremendous pleasure in viewing the well-arranged museum and the library and making a note of their observation. The next spot was the FULSARIA HANUMAN temple to instill a bit of religiosity in the young minds. Refreshment and hilarity were incorporated here. The entire team reached back unscratched by 12.45.

It was indeed a beneficial trip. They had the magnificent opportunity to explore the practical aspect of learning.