Educational Tour 2018 ASIS Group ICSE/ISC Std 6 To 8

Educational Tour

Educational tours are very important in several ways and one of them is that they help students to learn through visual experience and can be an interesting way to explore new things for both the learner and the teacher. Apart from that, they help in educating children on complex topics with students having the opportunity to get concepts through live examples.

ASIS organized a trip to the “City of Lakes” Udaipur – for class 6th to 8th on the 28th of August after the sunset at 11.30 pm.  Zeal was obvious on the 29th August morning because the kids were impatient to explore the city to the level of what was told to them before the commencement of the journey.

Udaipur has historical importance as well. Maharaja Udai Sing established Udaipur in 1553 AD. Its charming surroundings, its regal history, beautiful palaces and monuments, striking lakes, and equally fascinating temples.

Most of the places were explored to their fullest satisfaction. City Palace, Sahelio ki bari, chetak smark, haldighati, kumbalghad, srinatji temple, natwara, Chittorgarh. These places gave a real treat to the eyes and were worth experiencing.

The weather condition was like an icing on the cake. Some places were cloudy and were raining too. Delectation of the trip ends with the light and sound show.

In a nutshell it was a memorable trip under the wings and guidance of our Principal Rajendarsinh Gohil and the veteran Ushma Madam.