Economics Quiz competition 2015 Std 11 & 12 ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

As a part of economics week, a quest was conducted. All the commerce students were invited to participate and come up as a group of five members. These groups selected names to represent themselves.

The economics department headed by our entire commerce faculty-initiated this quiz. The students got registered themselves under the team names DOLLAR, POUND, YEN, DINAR, DIRHAM, ROUBLE.

The quiz consisted of four rounds, i.e. SELECT YOUR CHOICE, INSTA SEARCH, WORD SEARCH, LOGO HUNT. There were few questions for the audience too which kept them connected and involved as the teams fought their way to the finish.

The quiz was anchored by KENALI MONPARA and NIKKI PARIKH. They kept the audience and the participants tied up with the interesting questions that were planned and prepared. The event ended with a happy note and photography session of the participating and winning teams and the teachers in charge took place. Amarjyoti Saraswati International School.