Earth Day Celebration

Undoubtedly, the existence of life in any form depends on the well being of Mother Earth. She cradles life and nurtures it with immense patience. Few days in the whole year is set aside to give it back to our mother Earth.

To create the awareness among the students on the significance of protecting our Mother Earth, diverse activities were conducted

Grade 1: Art and Craft
Topic: Restore Ou Earth

Grade 2: Art and Craft
Topic: Restore Our Earth

Grade 3: Collage Making
Topic: Our Earth Green

Grade 4: Poster Making
Topic: Save Earth

Grade 5: Wrist Band

Grade 6: Paragraph Writing and draw to show the level of oxygen on Earth
Topic: Importance of Oxygen

Grade 7: Paragraph Writing on importance of oxygen and why trees are important on a decorative and colourful paper.

Grade 8: Poster Making
Theme : Earth of your expectation

Students showed immense enthusiasm in bringing out their imaginations about how mother Earth can be saved and shaped.