Diwali Celebrations at ASIS Education 2013 ICSE/ISC CBSE

All these events were held to mark the Celebrations of Diwali Festival. Together the children and the teachers had an enjoyable day at the school.

  • Volleyball Match
  • The match was played between students and teachers of ASIS. The staff members won the match (Both sets) with a clear majority. The match was planned as a part of Diwali Celebrations and much enjoyed by the students and the teachers.
  • Football Match
  • This match was played between the teachers and students of ASIS and Silver bells. The Match was very interesting and the deciding moment came during the Penalty kick out. The highlight of the match was that even Paul sir had joined in.
  • Class Decoration
  • The class decoration was for classes 6th to 11th on the occasion of Diwali Celebrations, each class participated with full zeal. The results were outstanding. It clearly displayed the creative talent of the children and how well they can work in a group. A very colorful competition.
  • Diya making competition
  • Another step for the Diwali celebration was this competition. Here the classes from 1st to 2nd participated and used different ideas with the help of the teachers to produce amazing artwork on the Diyas. Certainly, the children were at their best.
  • Best out of Waste
  • This competition was held for the classes 3rd to 5th. The children had a lot of Enthusiasm to bring out the best with the waste. They worked wonders with the waste materials and surely presented outstanding products for all of us. Well done!!!

Happy Diwali to all Students, Parents and Teachers!!