Dental & Oral Health Check-Up Camp ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

Resource Person & Consultant Dentist
Dr. Ishaan Dhruva

Dental care has been always a neglected area, the leading oral cancer, gum diseases in urban India is a bit alarming. In a recent study of the central government, it was found that 92% of students were found with dental cavities, decay, and gum problem. According to the Frost & Sullivan survey, an estimated 40-50 percent of the Indian population has never visited a dentist.

Taking this threat as an opportunity ASIS management decided to arrange a dental checkup camp for the students to create awareness about dental & oral care. This program would bring a change in the behavior of the students & would start taking preventive measures to avoid dental & oral problems.

A dental check-up camp was arranged by Dr. Ishaan Dhruva & his support staff. The venue for the camp was ASIS Auditorium 3rd Floor. Students from std. 3rd to 8th [ASIS] were the main beneficiaries of the camp.

Dr. Ishaan & Team explained the different types of dental problems & the precautions needed by children of their age. A session was conducted by the Doctor to tell the students the importance of oral & dental care. The doctor explained in detail the root cause of the dental & oral health problems, how we and everyone can avoid them. Etc. Students also asked the queries they had in their mind which were solved by the Doctor.

There was a free dental check-up for all the students and certificates were also given away on the condition of every Childs’s teeth. Children who had good oral and dental health were praised.

  • A total number of around 400 Students benefited from this camp.
  • It was really a very essential and fruitful seminar conducted for the benefit of the students.
  • This should definitely put a sparkling white smile on the faces of our beloved students.