Debate Competition – July 2022

Debate Competition - Class 9 to 12

It is unquestionable that ASIS, the one and only ISC School in Bhavnagar, organizes many extra-curricular events to excavate its students’ potential and talents. The driving force behind this initiative is the unending support and care from the founders of ASIS, Captain Kiritsinhji and Amarjyoti Ma’am. ASIS organized an Inter-Class Debate on the 21st of July,2022 for:

Category 1: ICSE Students ( Classes 9 and 10) – 11 teams participated

Category 2: ISC Students ( Classes 11 and 12) – 8 teams participated

The English Department conducted the event wherein students debated on “Book-smarts Are Better Than Street-smarts”. The topic was given 1.5 hours before the event. Even then, the event saw a healthy dynamic arguments and counter-arguments. The event lasted for 2 hours.

The panel of judges were :

(i) Mrs Nandita Shah[ Head, SBPS English Dept.]
(ii) Ronit Parekh[ ASIS Alumnus]
(iii) Kajal Lochab[ ASIS Alumnus]
(iv) Arnav Kalthiya[ ASIS Alumnus]

The rebuttal round was highlighted by Flora Shah, Sahaj Kanani, Niwan Patel, Sana Panjabi and so on. The event gave the participants and the other students great exposure to the nuances of Public Speaking and Debating. The results were announced by the panel of judges without any external intervention.

The winners are:

Category 1
Winning Team
 Shubham Sheth(9th )
 Aayushi Dave(10th )

Best Speaker
 FOR : Kavya Shah(10th )
 AGAINST : Kiana Kalathiya(9th )

Runner Up
Siya Jain(9th )

Category 2
Winning Team
 Rahil Mehta(11th Sci)
 Flora Shah(11th Sci)

Best Speaker
 FOR : Sahaj Kanani(11th Comm)
 AGAINST : Shivanshu Baraiya (11th Sci)

Runner Up
Aaditya Mittal(11th Sci)

The event was concluded with a Vote of Thanks given by the school Head Boy, Vanshil Rathod.

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