Debate Competition | Grade 6 to 8

Debate Competition | Grade 6 to 8

Intra-School Debate Competition 2022, The art of asking questions and not settling before finding the most satisfying answer is the sign of an ignited mind. It’s only through healthy debating that one can get to apt conclusions. Keeping up the ASIS tradition of providing a platform for honing various skills of young minds the Debate Competition was held on 27th August 2022 on the school premises. Students in grades 6 to 8 participated in the event. The immense enthusiasm shown by the schools and their numbers talks about its popularity in the academic realm.

The topics for the debate were – “Digital devices should replace notebooks inthe classroom” and “Technology makes human communication easier”. Five participants from each team participated with one speaking for the motion and the other against the motion. The judges for the event were the entrepreneur of Bhavnagar City. They were Mrs Sarika Mehta and Mrs Darshana Mehta. The judges patiently heard what each participant had to say and cross-questioned them. The students presented their views about the topics and they along with the audience got a more vivid picture of it.

The winners of the event were:

Round 1(Grade 6 &7): Team Stormbreakers – Rudra Thakar, Rishi Thadesar, Anshumansinh Gohil, Dhairya Mehta, Manya Jadav

Round 2 (Grade 8 A Vs 8B): Team KnightRiders – Rakshita Rajai, Yashvi Jain, Riddhi Patel, Achyut Jindal, Saad Chauhan.

Overall, It proved to be a good learning experience for all.

Debate Competiton Presentation

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