Debate Competition 2016 Std 9th To 12th ICSE/ISC

Debating is the art of speaking effectively. In the past, there have been many great orators who have left their impressions on the sands of time and have become immortal.

Hitler was a great orator and so was Socrates. But there was a difference in what they about. The former was the dictator who hypnotized the masses to commit serious crimes whereas the latter did just the opposite.

To enhance such good speaking skills in our students we had organized a debate competition for the senior classes. Classes 9 and 10 were put in one category and classes 11 and 12 in the other and both categories were given a topic to debate on.

There was a huge response from both category’s students and every participant seemed to be beaming to come on to the stage and hold the mike.

The judges for this competition were Nandita Ma’am and Deepak Sir from SBPS who spared their valuable time to come and judge this competition.

The topic for class 9 and 10 students was ‘ BEING HONEST IS A CURSE IN TODAY’S TIMES. The topic for class 11 and 12 students was ‘TODAY SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES ARE KILLING SOCIAL GATHERINGS’.

The debate started at 11.00 and continued for almost two hours after which the judges were ready with the results and the winners for both the categories were announced.

  • Class 9 and 10 winners
    • First – Ashley Parekh – Class 9
    • Second – Anushree Gupta – Class 10
    • Third – Yashvi Mehta – Class 9
  • Class 11 and 12 winners
    • First – Rhea Parekh – Class 12
    • Second- Nikki Parikh – Class 12
    • Third – Saloni Mathur – Class 11