Debate Competition 2016 Std 6th to 8th ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

We live in a world where we communicate with others all the time. Debating is a more formal way of communicating. It builds confidence and self-esteem in people. If we can speak publicly and convey our ideas and thoughts coherently and passionately, we have a valuable tool that can aid us in our public, private, and future life.

To give students a platform for exhibiting their adroitness of speaking formally to the throng, the School organized an in-house debate competition for class 6th 7th and 8th standards.

  • Considering the age and ability of the students, different topics were given to each class
    • Should uniform be banned in school – Class 6
    • Reality shows are doing more harm than helpful – Class 7
    • New media making or breaking – Class 8

It was rather a beyond belief to see many students (34 to be precise) not only participating in the competition but also delivering their ideas with sheer confidence, alacrity. There was a refutation round as well for one minute wherein the opposite team members asked questions to the arguments made.

  • Students were judged on different parameters like
    • The language used
    • Content
    • Arguments
    • Delivery
    • Demeanor

After the conclusion of the competition, there was a much-desired speech by our respected and experienced judge Mr. Shailesh who enlightened the students with supreme techniques of debating and encouraged them to participate in competitions like this.

In a nutshell, it was a magnificent competition executed commendably and collectively by the students and teachers who put in enormous efforts in making it a success.

  • Winners: Class 6
    • 1st position – khanjan kukadia, Mahey upadey, Pihu roy
    • 2nd position – Sshurfa chauhan, Dhruv Bajaj, Chinu Mittal
    • 3rd position – Harsh Raval, Vedanshi Vaghela, Divya Patel
  • Winners: Class 7
    • 1st position – Manan Padia, Tanisha Mehta
    • 2nd position – Nishta Pandya, Dwiti Raval
    • 3rd position – Neha Revani, Oum Vora
  • Winners: Class 8
    • 1st position – Natasha Bedi, Kajal Lochab
    • 2nd position – Yashvi Shah, Ronit Parekh
    • 3rd position – Keya Gohil, Aryaman Singhal