Computer Quiz Std 9th & 10th ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

In order to ignite a passion for computers and technology, we organized Computer Quiz for std 9th and 10th of ASIS on 3rd September 2016. A total of 60 students from both the classes had participated in the selection round which was done in the class. Out of the 16 got the chance to participate in the finals. The students were divided into four teams (1) Prominent Programmers (2) Courageous Crackers (3) Heroic Hackers and (4) Dexterous Designers.

There were four rounds in it viz. WarmUp, Mobile, Logo, and All or None. Each round was designed very intuitively so that not only the participants but the audience also gets involved in it. There was a very tight competition between the two teams but Prominent Programmers ( Darsh Mehta, Naama Iqbal, Nihal Sama, Ashley Parekh) won the battle with just 1 point!