Computer Drawing Competition 2015 for Std 3rd To 5th ICSE/ISC

Every month there is an activity or competition or both in Amar Jyoti Saraswati International School. This month in October we had an activity-based competition in which the student of III STD learned how to do drawing and color in MS Paint whereas IV and V STD students learned how to make slides in PowerPoint Presentation.

Fatima ma’am their computer teacher taught them during their practical period, how to do it, later on, she gave them to practice and by the end of the month, there was the competition. Everything was done in the practical period only. It was fun for the students because they learned and participated in the competition. First, we had the semi-final round, in which every student from each section took part. Later on, 8-10 students were selected for the final round.

Everybody including me was surprised to see the work of the students. It was harder for us to believe that they have done such an amazing PowerPoint presentation and paint. If we have not seen them doing it, we would have thought that their parents have done it for them. Even our judges (Jenny ma’am, Roger sir, and Mayuri ma’am) found it hard to do the judgment. They felt it whom to give and whom to not.

Seeing all this we felt like how much efficiency children have, the only thing is that they need a platform to prove themselves and ASIS is a place where they get the platform to explore their capabilities. Our students are blessed that they get so many opportunities to expand their credentials.