Children’s Day 2014 celebration The ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

“On 14th November, Children’s day was celebrated in Amar Jyoti Saraswati International School. As we all know that 14th Nov. is the birthday of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India. Children used to call him chacha with love. He also had a great love and affection for the children. In memory of this beloved person, we celebrate Children’s day.

This year in our school, we celebrated Children’s day with great enthusiasm. For the children of 1st to 5th STD we had a one-minute game show. In 1st std, we had a fork and marble game. The children who were able to pick maximum marbles and put them in another howl was a winner.

  • In 2nd std, we had pea and straw game. The highest number of a pea in this game a child could pick was nineteen.
  • In 3rd std, we had a ball and bucket game. The children had to throw numbers of balls one by one from 1.5m distance into the bucket.
  • In 4th std, we had a safety pin game in which children who could use maximum no. of pins would be a winner.
  • In 5th std, we had a number game. In which the child who had the maximum number in counting was a winner.
  • From 6th std to 12th std we had various outdoor games. The 6th std and 7th played kho-kho along with the tug of war. The game was between the two sections of the same class.
  • 8th std and 9th std had a tug of war. There were four different sets. A maximum of three seats was won by 9th std students.

The most enjoyable and entertaining game was between 10th and 12th Std that is Tug of war (best of three). This was a watchable game, the entire school students were there to watch and cheer their side. 10th std won the game. It was a lot of fun and excitement among the students and the teachers.

Children enjoyed the day wholeheartedly. We as teachers missed the Children’s day but felt satisfied seeing the lovely faces of the children. The management, heads, and teachers wished the children, Happy Children’s day.

The Children’s day celebration was a great success. It could be possible only because of the joint effort of the staff and management.”