Calendar Making Activity

In-house activity calendar making for the year 2020-21, was done in the month of April under the guidance of our drawing Sir Mr. Yogesh Vedani, the children were taught in live session how to show their creativity in different ways, The children of grade 5 enjoyed this fulfilled session and showed their creativity in a marvelous ways. It is good to do these kind of activities in the school apart from studies where children can be engaged in a creative way.

Name of students 5A
Meghna Nirmal
Zara Virani
Dhruvi Champaneri
Dhairvi Champaneri
Prayag Joshi
Vidhi Kapasi
Heer Dabhi

Name of students 5B
Kavya Kothari
Saanvi Gundigara
Pratyush Singh
Parva Shah