Business Quiz 2016 Std 11th & 12th Commerce ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

A quiz is an activity that can also be called a mind sport wherein the participants work, either as individuals or in teams attempt to answer questions posed to them correctly. The students by participating in such events expand their breadth of knowledge in general and specific areas.

The quizzes organized are designed to be fun to participate in, and aim to provoke discussion and healthy debate amongst participants. We at Silver Bells Public School are familiar with the prospect of quizzes and the objective. In this process, we have figured out the various benefits of such quiz competitions. It has helped students think out of the box in topics and areas of their study.

Quiz competitions even help build the student’s soft skills. We strongly feel that quiz competitions have helped children to develop and improve their skills, which will give them an edge over others always. The objective of a business quiz competition is to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and the application of the learned concepts.

It is easier said than done nonetheless. Thus among the commerce students, the Business Quiz is one of the most awaited events. Business Quiz aims to explore the talent of students in other areas apart from teaching. To make it more competitive a new format was prepared where students of CBSE had to compete with ISC.

The quiz was divided into two segments making it a separate segment XI and XII. There was a total of 40 participants who were bubbling with enthusiasm to do their best to win this competition. In 11th standard Business Quiz had three rounds where they were tested on fronts of general knowledge, naming the CEO’s, matching the Logos, identifying the Tagline and Subjective based questions. 12th Standard had to face four rounds with a high and tough range of questions which tested the skill and abilities of students. Initially, the teams had to face elimination rounds.

Teams scoring the least had to leave the competition. There was a special rapid-fire question round for the audience to participate and answer. Thus they were kept involved and interested. IT was a pleasure to see the students participate with such vigor to score and be at the top.

  • The winners were as follows
  • 11th ISC vs 11th CBSE 4 Teams participated: The winning team was the 11th CBSE
    • Rudrarajsinh Chudasama
    • Dharamraj Parekh
    • Aayush Parekh
    • Kshitij Jain
    • Meghalba Sarvaiya
  • 12th ISC vs 12th CBSE 4 Teams participated: The Winning team was the 12th CBSE
    • Sahil Nadiyadra
    • Priyanshi Mehta
    • Muskan Maheshwari
    • Pawan Kumar
    • Ayush Srivastava.