Best Radhe – Krishna Competition 2020

This time there is a social distancing between Satam and Atham festivals. ☺️

‌In 3228 BCE in Mathura, India, a child was born who was established to reshape the spiritual and material life of mankind—Sri Krishna. His life was a model for people in days past, the modern world, and surely for those in ages to come.

Shri Krishna has played many roles in his personal life, A child, A brother, A guru, A warrior, A messenger, his full life is a message for a people.
Creating an empire and becoming its king despite being born in prison is the whole journey and also a message for mankind.
Last but not least ‌“Lord Krishna’s teachings are suitable for everyone,”

To commemorate this festival, Amarjyoti Saraswati International School has organized Best Radhe Krishna Competition on 12th August 2020. Children enjoyed this festival by dressing up as Natkhat Kanha and beautiful Radha.

Judgement was done by
➡️Yogesh Vedani
➡️ Amanprit Kaur
➡️ Premal Andharia

Result of Best Radha Krishna Competition

1st – A
1st Atharva Senta
2nd Jaimin Lalwani
3rd Prahil Makwana
3rd Ridhaan Shah

1st – A
1st Dhyana Padariya
2nd Karnika Rathore
3rd Kiya Lakhani
3rd Nitya Jain

1st – B

1st Varun Lalwani
2nd Aditya Kansara
3rd Pushkar Priyadarshi
3rd Harikrushna Patel

1st -B
1st Hargun Vyas
2nd Kriya Patel
3rd Rajnadiniba Sarvaiya
3rs Zeel Derala

1st – C
1st Vyom Pitroda
2nd Jash Mehta
3rd Vaibhav