Award Ceremony for winning 5th position at International level ICSE/ISC

The award ceremony for winning 5th position at the International level in the 17th Global Folk Dance Competition

On 16th October the student winners of the 17th global folk dance competition were felicitated and appreciated for their hard work and efforts. A combined assembly of students of both the schools Silver Bells Public School SBPS and Amarjyoti Saraswati International School ASIS was held. All the dignitaries including the principals of both the schools and Renu mam were there to encourage and appreciate the student winners. Parents of all the 16 participants were invited for the same as the school is thankful for their continuous help and support. The student winners were garlanded and through this, the school has expressed how happy and proud it is about the accomplishments of the participants.

The program started with a welcome note to the winning team and their parents. Renu mam did the honor of awarding certificates and medals and trophies to the winning team. The champions were garlanded by their parents.

The participating students gave their first-hand review of sharing their experience with everybody. They told us about the wonderful place Manali. The students from different countries who were now their friends and spoke about the wonderful moment when they were declared the winners.

The teachers and the coordinating team expressed their gratitude to Renu mam and Paul sir for their encouragement and constant support and the cooperation they extended as the directors of the school.

The students cheered and applauded Aamarjyoti mam for her tireless efforts of looking into the minute details of preparation. She was concerned about the comfort and safety of the students. She motivated them guided them till they reached the so much desired the first position and they were declared the best and they did the best. She made the children from not so known ones to be the ambassadors of the school. The accompanying teachers Ms. Reema, Ms. Preeti, Mr. Jignesh, and Mr. Harsh all were thankful to Amarjyotimam for her support throughout the journey.

We congratulate the team for being the first in the junior team the second place winners in the senior team and standing fifth at the international level.

Events like these give the students a wonderful platform to display their talent and place Bhavnagar on the world map.”