Avantika Annual Award Function 2014 at New Delhi ICSE/ISC ASIS Group

Avantika Annual Award Function 2014 at New Delhi. Chief guest Dr. Sampit Patra (National Spokesman BJP) & Mr. Joginder Singh (Former CBI Director)

Teachers are the pillar of any school. They are very well known to construct and build Children’s future. Their hard work can be seen with the phases of the growth of students as well as school.

Appreciation and rewards are always welcomed by anyone at any stage and which helps them moving and working harder day today. Keeping in mind an award ceremony was organized by Avantika groups to promote the real art and caliber of a teacher.

On 1st November 2014, The Principal and a few of the teachers from Amar Jyoti Saraswati Primary and Nursery sections went to receive this rare award at Hindi Bhawan in New Delhi.

This Karamveer chakra international award was given to Vice Principal, Kashish Singh on behalf of Principal Rajendrasinh Gohil Yogendra Vedani, Geetanjali Gupta (teacher), the Principal of Nursery section Miss Reema Ganguly, Pooja Jaiswal, and Nameeta Vyas(Teachers).

The award was given to those special teachers who did succeed in motivating and inspiring the students with regard to the value of art and drawing. In this growing era of life-giving artistic knowledge to the children, other academics is something unique and appreciable.

They were honored by the special guest Shree Sandeep Patra(MLA) and the vice-chancellor of Mathura University.

The program started at 9 am and ended at 3 pm. Wonderful memories of the special speeches, delicious breakfast & lunch with an enchanting Rasleela dance performed by Mathura groups will always remain in everyone’s hearts with fond memories.

It was a moment of great pride as we got a chance to meet so many lovely personalities from the various schools of different states.

A great appreciation was received by all and which ended with the everlasting memories.”