ASIS Student Visit Shaishav NGO ICSE/ISC CBSE

The students of SBPS and ASIS went to visit the NGO– Shaishav on Tuesday the 19th of January. This initiative was part of their activity of General Studies.

The students reached the NGO by 10:00 am in the morning. This NGO works for the welfare of the children who are engaged in child labour. The students were shown a presentation by the volunteers of the social service organization and discussed all the issues regarding the same . They showed videos and a ppt presentation of their activities and the work done by them for the welfare of the society. They told the children how with very small efforts they can make a big difference to the society.

The children on their way back saw the blood bank which was the next biggest project by the NGO. They told the students about the advantages of blood donation and the need for the same. The children were awestruck when they came to know that blood can be procured only by donation and cannot be manufactured at the factories.

Special appreciations to MR. Utsav Parekh for organizing this visit for the students.