ASIS Student 3rd in the UNESCO 15th International Music Festival Russia.

On the 16th of April, 2014, 12 of our students from Silver Bells Public School and Amarjyoti Saraswati International School took part in a huge celebration of culture in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Countries from all over the world, came together to express their cultures through the expression of dance, music and singing.

It was the first time that the two schools were to perform at such a privileged event. To be chosen to represent India on an international stage was such an honor.

The first evening saw an outstanding performance from the hosts in the opening show of the festival. In the show, there was everything from Russian folk dancing to acrobatics which really brought forth the experience and talent this festival was going to offer.

The following day, all of the countries were on stage to perform two events. There was such a variety of professional showings. All the groups were good in their own areas and the festival was now in full swing. Our group performed Raas and Sri Ganesh dances. Sri Ganesh was chosen for the Gala performance. Our student dances gave real energy to the stage and were thanked with thunderous applause.

As a thank you to the performances given, our group was invited to a small Russian town called Kamishlov. We were police escorted to the town and were greeted by the Mayor at a local dance school. We took part in a local show with two other groups. One from Kazakstan and the other from Georgia performed in front of the town. Our students performed the energetic Sri Ganesh and also a solo performance from Katak which wowed the crowd and gave them an insight into the deep, vibrant and rich Indian culture we all know and love.

After the performance, the students were invited to a local school, where they gained experience on how a different culture lives and learns. An exchange of life experiences went on, and then as it was Easter Sunday, all were invited to a Church to celebrate. The Director, Paul McLachlan went to a press conference where he expressed his views to the region’s news channel. He highlighted the importance of these events in these times of instability in the world and explained how it gives children, our future generation a platform to express themselves through dance. Where there is a language barrier, nations can be brought together through appreciation of dance, music, singing, and culture.

The final day was the main Gala performance. We were asked to perform Sri Ganesh and after long rehearsals, the show was underway. All performances were first class, and our own performance again rocked the stage. All were memorized by our energetic construct of such a famous Indian showpiece. A wonderful experience for all the students involved. All were superb and acted very professionally.

The whole group had a night to wait for the final results. The competition was very tough, as all were professionals in their own field. To get the third prize in such a big event has really put our schools on the map and also gave pride to our nation.

We would like to thank the organizers of the event for looking after all of us so well. The two hosts, Danil and Liliana were so welcoming and kind to us all. We learned so much about the rich culture of Russian Arts and were humbled by the warmth we all were given. A big thank you to all we met, and also to our own parents for all their support throughout. A wonderful experience was had in such a wonderful country.

  • To all, Nastrovia!!
  • Director participation:- Paul McLachlan
  • Teachers participation:- Jennie Bhatt, Vinita Zala, Yogita Singh
  • Students participatiion:- Rajvi Trivedi, Jaimin Maru, Zeel Patel, Tirtha Fade, Manan Shah, Anuj Navadia, Dhruva Ravel, Foram Mashrani, Hittarth Langali, Anuparma Estrala, Shreya Shah, Raghav Gupta.