ASIS & SBPS celebrates 67th year of Independence 2013 ICSE/ISC CBSE

The 15th of August is one of the most important days in the history of India.  We celebrated this day with great zeal as we do every year. The function was held in the ASIS campus where all staff and students eagerly participated.

The students of our four houses- Ganga, Jamuna, Saraswati, and Kaveri each under the charge of four teachers, house captains participated in the disciplined March Pass.

The Head Girl of our School requested our Hon. Director Mr. Paul to come forward to perform the flag hoisting ceremony along with our Principal and Vice-Principal. Exactly at 8 am the flag was hoisted.

The School assembly stood in attention to sing National Anthem and salute the flag. A mixture of Patriotic songs was sung by a group of junior & senior students of our school which mesmerized everyone.

A few speeches were delivered by the Head boy and the Principal of our school focusing on the importance of the day and our responsibilities towards our Nation.

The junior class students presented a beautiful role-play of Milkha Singh and Saheed Bhagat Singh.

Finally, we ended up with a lovely group dance performance by our senior class girls thereafter few golden words by our Director Mr. Paul.