ASIS Group Student Trip to Malnath Std 5th To 10th ICSE/ISC

Educational trips or school Picnics play an integral role in developing personality traits among students. Mainly the purpose of the picnic is to connect the diverse cultured students at one platform. It helps in developing interpersonal skills among them. A picnic is a short trip for pleasure to a beautiful place. They add spice to the student’s life. Educational trips provide much sought of relief from their routine studies. They refresh their tired nerves. Picnics give students a temporary relief from various subjects. After enjoying a picnic, they feel fresh and take up their studies with renewed vigor.

To contemplate this aspect our school organized an educational trip cum picnic for the students of AMAR JYOTI SARASWATI SCHOOL, SILVER BELLS PUBLIC SCHOOL, and AMAR JYOTI SARASWATI VIDYALAYA to MALNATH on 22nd August 2015 combining classes from 5th grade to 10th.

If we consummate the strength the figure will come around 500 students all together who adhere the trip. They were initially assembled at the ground for morning assembly and assuredly were asked to board the buses. Teachers took the attendance and students with abundant enthusiasm and titanic merriment boarded the buses around 8:30 am. The day was exceptional and pleasant and everybody was introspectively delighted.
Along with the principals, class teachers, art teacher, and the sports team we reached the destination within half an hour.

After bowing down at the Shiv temple all of us started trekking. The steep mountainous path was so energetically crossed by all the students, which was amazing and voluminous. In between, we saw windmills quite closely. We were crossing the rocky path with each other’s support. We were astonished to see how students were giving their hands for support to other students and senior students were even helping the teachers in uplifting wherever needed. It was a sight of fellowship, group loyalty, and solidarity.

Finally after completing the 5 km trekking all had lunch and then our sports team art teachers started with the live activities. All the students took part in making pictures of nature and beautify surroundings. They played various games related to sports but as usual, the time came to revert towards the school. Students lamentably boarded the buses but great satisfaction and happiness could be observed on their faces.

Around 5:15 pm we reached the school where Amar Jyoti Mam welcomed and ushered all the students. With a lot of enjoyment, pleasure, and joy students were dispersed by school transport to their own destinations. To bring down the curtain I would like to share that all the students obeyed their teachers and maintained orderliness and self-command and control. The trip thus came to end with its memory well last forever.