ASIS Group Student Model Display Competition 2014 ICSE/ISC

The students from class 6 to 10 from Amar Jyoti Saraswati International School took part in a Science Model Display Competition organized by the school on 28/06/2014 on the top floor hall in the ASIS building.

They displayed beautiful and thought-provoking models on various topics like

hydraulic suspension bridges, convection of heat, uses of solar and other renewable sources of energy, hovercraft, acid-base reaction, and many other topics.

The models were placed in a big hall, where students were sitting in a circular position, with their presentation and tried their best to explain the theme of their Model.

The performances were highly appreciated by the judges and Visitors. We found it a great step to promote the inherent knowledge of children on various topics, as their flow of speech was flawless and great confidence could be seen on their faces.

There was great enthusiasm shown from the students as well as the teachers to make this event a big success. The models made by students from class 6 to 8 were judged by Sumeet Sir and those of class 9 and 10 by Roger Sir. The hard work completed by the students was highly appreciable and in the end, everyone was a winner.