ASIS Group Student Educational Trip 2015 to GMDC ICSE/ISC

Amarjyoti Saraswati International School along with Amar Jyoti Saraswati Vidhyalaya always encourages to continue learning to improve student’s capacity to serve as effective educators. In India, educational tours are accepted as an essential part of education. To contemplate this tradition Amarjyoti Saraswati International School ASIS and Amarjyoti Saraswati Vidhyalaya AJSV cataloged an educational tour for the learners every year. This year at the dawning of the session we endeavor towards the extensive open cast mines [GMDC] a lignite project. Our milestone journey started at 9:30 am and within 20 minutes we check in the mines area and to our surprise as it was a versatile site so our student’s expressions were to be clicked. They were startled and amazed to glance at the site and within frictions refined themselves with a variegated questionnaire.

We were warmly welcomed by the security team present over there and students were asked to step down the bus. The cluster was asked to stand at the viewpoint where Mr.Sanjay Mathur [Dy. General Manager Mines] instituted our student’s queries and variant questions in a very calm and presentable way. He delivered them with all the basic attainments and awareness in concern to the coal mining.

Next, we escorted them towards one of the earliest water filter plants. The basic aim behind the visit was to make students aware of the purifying process of our basic necessity WATER. In the same manner students inwards the plant factory and observed the process with curiosity and zeal and confronted with various aspects of scientific knowledge. The concerned official Mr. Pranav along with our science teacher Mr.Roger Iyer elucidated the students and explained the process wholeheartedly. Conclusively the time was to back towards the school premises and so with all the enchanting faces, we reached school by 1:00 pm.

Thanks to our managing trustees and principals for giving us an opportunity to avail of such accomplishments.