ASIS Group Student Celebrate Republic Day 2014 ICSE/ISC

The 26th of January is the day which every individual of our country waits for. This day reminds us of the sacrifice, struggle, and hard work put in by our great leaders to unite India and its people.

We the family of Amarjyoti Saraswati International school and Silver Bells public school celebrated this National festival as a mark of respect for those who have worked tirelessly to frame the constitution of the country and bring it in force.

The celebration of this auspicious national event began unfurling our National flag.

With an intense feeling of patriotism in our hearts, respect was bestowed upon the National flag with the National Anthem followed by the March pass and the band well executed by the students of both the schools.

The school ground reverberated with the slogan- Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

The anchoring was completed by Mrs. Raji and Silver Bells Principal Mr. Chakrapani Estarla who delivered inspiring speeches. Students from SBPS and ASIS presented their views and conveyed messages on this propitious occasion.

Our yoga teacher with his yoga students added that extra bit of zeal to the splendid atmosphere as they performed some yoga exercises. Responsibility for concluding the program was entrusted to Geeta Madam who delivered her speech.

The program ended with the distribution of sweets to one and all. And with the feeling of oneness, the crowd dispersed wishing each other.