ASIS Group Rangoli Competition 2014 for Std 6th To 12th GHSEB ICSE/ISC

“Apart from the textbook teachings school also shoulders the responsibility to instill definite sentiments like love for all irrespective of creed and caste, tolerance, secularism, and many more if we reckon.

Getting to the practical facet of this, many activities are justly conducted in the school campus, with a vision that the students not only develop the feeling of love and respect for each other but also respect the practice and belief of other religions.

RANGOLI is an age-long tradition that is followed all over India and is considered to be an ancient art that is also a part of the festival Diwali. Our School AMAR JYOTI SARASWATI VIDHYALA organized the Rangoli competition is the school campus. Students from class 4th to 12th standard zealously took part in this competition.

Many designs were made by these students and it was a great spectacle of talents. Teachers were also vigorously involved in appreciating and encouraging the earnest efforts of the students.

Very Best out of many finest displays were selected. There was a great environment of festivity in the entire happening.”