ASIS Group Organized World Peace Day 2015 ICSE/ISC

A seminar was organized for the students of the secondary school in the meeting hall. The members of Ramchandra Mission took a workshop for the students as an initiation to commemorate World Peace Day.

The session was a motivating and refreshing one for the students, as a part of the celebration of world peace day. Mr. Dharmesh was the guest lecturer and the seminar took shape under his guidance.

He said, “Our mind is powerful, invisible, and full of thoughts”. A few activities when practiced become an imbibed quality of ours and then no special efforts will be needed to create awareness and such special days to be celebrated.

From the session, it was understood that individual peace leads to world peace. Individual peace comes from our own minds within. We must keep disciplined in our own lives and in all that we do. It was discussed that Peace gives way to the happiness of an individual. And this helps the individual in all he does.

Peace and regulation are possible only through Meditation. Meditation helps us to keep calm, relaxed and it keeps us focused. The students learned to regulate their minds with meditation and reach their desired goal of world peace. Meditation also helps in the regulation of the mind. This further results in more work and quality work. Meditation also improves our attention span. It helps us to realize our own self and helps us to regulate changes in attitudes and behavior also.

We thank Capt. Kiritsinh Gohilji and Mr. Dharmesh for this session with children. This was an experience in itself to see each and every student meditate in complete silence for 10 min and learn the art of concentration.
Let us all pledge to create individual peace in our lives which would, in turn, lead to world peace.