ASIS Group ICSE/ISC Student Visit Victoria Park 2016

The Victoria Park, spanning a total area of 500 acres, is a forest conserved by the Indian Government within the boundary of Bhavnagar city. Rich in flora and fauna, the forest has varieties of Indian birds like waders, raptors, and perching birds that attract bird watchers and nature admirers. This reserve forest is located 3 km south of the city of Bhavnagar. The park was set up in 1888 by Maharaja Takhtasinhji of Bhavnagar city. Bound with roads on all three sides, the park is built in the shape of a triangle.

It was designed under the supervision of Councillor Mr. Proctor Sins. Thorny, scrubby, spiny and xerophytes are the vegetation mainly found in the forest. There are altogether 422 plants in Victoria Park. Our school, ASIS, organized a field trip to Victoria Park Natural reserve on 19th November 2016. As per the plan, the whole of our primary & middle school section, along with all the class teachers, set out to be one with nature. We departed school at 9:15 am and reached the Victoria Park Gate within 15 minutes.

From the Park gates, we traveled through the reserve forest on foot for almost two and a half kilometers. The entry was truly an amazing moment, being in the woods, remembering the last time we had such an experience. We could feel the breath of fresh air full of oxygen, which we miss in the polluted city life. All students we at their helm of activity, getting to know Mother Nature direct, instead of hearing it from their parents and elders.

All students enjoyed the trekking & as we reached the heart of the Park, we had a large botanical garden, where the students played and had their breakfast. The whole park has had a major facelift over the last one year. Everything was so synchronized that we felt that we should be living here all day. We got to see some Nilgai and their calf.

It was like we had come to god’s own place. Many of the students climbed up the watchtower, to have a bird’s eye view of the whole park. The watchtower was next to the lake which was brimming with all wildlife, with different species of birds coming to the lake. We left the nature park at around 12:45 pm and reached school at 1:00 pm. The trekking was true, meant to be an educational trip but it had all the flavors of an excursion that every student enjoyed.

Such trips help us realize the true essence of living in the lap of mother nature. In this age of IT & Commercialization, we have not forgotten Mother Nature. Thanks to our Principal Rajendra sir, for organizing such a memorable field trip.