ASIS Farewell 2023

ASIS Farewell 2023

Every year, Class 11 organises a Farewell Party for Class 12. It has been the most awaited event for all the higher secondary students. On 10th January 2023 at 6 pm the event started on the main stage in the campus.
The hosts (11thies) welcome the school Principal, teachers and the Class 12 students with broad smiles. A welcoming speech followed by a round of witty shayaris created a nostalgic yet celebratory ambience. A few 12thies shared their most memorable experiences. The succeeding dance performance lightened the mood.

Our beloved Principal Rajendrasinh Gohil addressed students of Class 11 and Class 12 with a motivational and thought-provoking speech about their future prospects. A round of stand-up comedy left the audience laughing till they shed tears. Each Class 12 student was honoured with a graduating hat and their best perceived quality with the accompaniment of music. This was followed by a beautiful dance performance by the teachers. The hilarious speeches of the teachers and students were a noteworthy addition to the event.

A video compilation that described the memories of the 12thies collected in their school journey was a touching moment of the programme. There was a BOX OF JOY placed near the stage, in which, there were individual boxes for all the 12thies. All teachers and students put in a compliment for each of the graduating students.

A cake cutting ceremony followed by a DJ disco party for an hour brought the celebrations to a finale. The dinner that followed, brought an end to the event. The party was a grand success leaving the participants with beautiful memories.

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