ASIS Education organized Educational Tour Std 1st & 2nd ICSE/ISC

Amar Jyoti Saraswati International School Organized an educational trip on 22nd April 2014. We took the children of standard 1st and 2nd to Himalaya Mall as our topic was ‘Our Neighbourhood.’

Kids boarded the bus at 9.15 am and reached the Mall at 9.30 am. In the Mall, we took the children to Reliance Mart. There we showed them all the different household things, vegetables, and fruits. We made the children recognize each thing and learn their names.

Kids were happy to see so many different kinds of fruits in one place. They had fun inside the mart. The Mart manager and his staff were happy to see our well-behaved children. They distributed chocolates to each student.

The trip was successful and we found happy faces at the end of the trip. After an enthusiastic trip, we reached our destination at 11.30 am. We found kids jumping and sharing their experiences with each other.

It was a wonderful and effective educational trip.