Annual Prize Giving Ceremony 2015 for Std 9th To 11th ICSE/ISC

“On 7th March 2015, we had the annual prize-giving ceremony for students of classes 9 and 11. The venue was the hall opposite to staff room and the time was 11.30 am.

Students, as well as parents, thronged in full numbers to attend this ceremony as everyone was expecting very good results. We announced the Academic toppers as well as inter-house competition winners and sports achievers from both classes 9 and 11.

Our Principal Mr. Rajendrasinh Gohil addressed the parents and students and awarded the certificates, medals, and trophies to all the winners.

  • The List of Academic Toppers are as follows:
  • Class 9: (Science)
    • Vatsal Bhadiyadra
    • Virti Shah
    • Dadhija Patel
  • Class 9: (Commerce)
    • Laxmi Tiwari
    • Dharamraj Parekh
    • Ayush Parekh
  • Class 11: (Science)
    • Samkit Vejani
    • Margi Panjwani
    • Dhruv Soparia
  • Class 11:(Commerce)
    • Hitiksha Borkhetariya
    • Piya Patel
    • Anjali Thakkar”