“Vision, action, passion, discipline are some of the unparalleled elements of success. And this was indubitably apparent from the tremendous success we experienced from the Annual day celebration.

Too many heads bountiful thoughts and ideas all implemented and executed well to obtain the reward of success well beyond our imaginations.

Line up commenced with the lighting of the lamp followed by a fabulous prayer dance and then a speech welcoming the dignitaries. Since it was based on values like courage, confidence, delight, determination, special attention was put in place to make sure that the performers executed their dance exceptionally well.

Green rooms were provided with all the required amenities. For the first time LED was introduced which added opulence to the luminous ambiance.

In a nutshell, the entire show from the start to the end went slickly with the extreme support and coordination of the staff and all other people who were involved in the technical aspect of the program.

Feelings of delight and stimulation continued till the end. The atmosphere was lustrous down from the floor to up in the sky as well.”