“An Eye for an “I” Student Competition 2013 ICSE/ISC CBSE GHSEB

“An Eye for an “I”

Do baby boomers think about What will happen to Generation X in the future? Would they be able to face the world as we see in the future? Would they be able to survive this cut-throat competition? Would they be able to react positively to the changes? How would they remain sane in this information explosion? What would they be? What will be their traits?

  • We tried to get the answers. We squeezed them. We judged them.
  • ON: 26th October 2013. Saturday. (1st 4th Period)

It was conducted in 3 Rounds and 20 students participated in it. We tried to get the most important traits of personality from those students.

First Round was of Introduction.

Students spoke a minimum of 10 lines about themselves as creatively as they could. Their introduction had their strengths and weaknesses, their abilities and skills, their passion, and their goals in life. Out of the first round 10 students were eliminated and 10 were selected for the next round.

The Second Round was to judge their Creativity and to get an idea about how clear are they in their thoughts.

Students were shown an abstract painting which they interpreted in the most creative and message way. Judges were impressed and there was a standing ovation for a few of the good students. Only 5 students were selected who gave their best thoughts about the painting.

The third Round was their real testing and students were asked few questions from Jury members to judge their wittiness. They were asked a few What if questions and situations were given to know their decision-making ability and judgments on various situations.

Students faced the jury questions and answered it spontaneously.

This kind of contest was to know the student’s inner side. This kind of contest will be promoted and be included as a regular event in the school on a much larger scale. This event showed us how beautiful and how cleverly students think and react.

The event was finished after the 4th period and the winners were Mr.ASIS Mohit Gurumukhani, Miss ASIS Miss Vini Mehta & Miss Shreya Bansal.

Well done to teacher Mr. Abhinay Mehta for preparing to organize such an event which brought out the best of the students and got them to question their way of thinking in a positive manner.