“An Eye for an I” Std 11th & 12th ASIS Group ICSE/ISC CBSE GSEB

“This is the best competition I have ever been a part of”, said Vrushti Shah for the “Eye for I” competition which was organized for the students of 11th and 12th of SBPS and ASIS on 9 October 2015, by Abhinay Mehta and Niren Pandya as they felt that “Education has always been misinterpreted, it does not aim to compare or compete, but rather teaches us to be original with our own opinions, thoughts and actions. This competition is designed to help students analyze and present themselves own self in a creative way.” A few more teachers who made contributory efforts were Ms. Heena and Ms. Raji.

There were 14 participants and the competition was divided into 3 different rounds for judging different capabilities of students. The competition was hosted by Nikki Parikh and Jayant Chaudhary. The student volunteers who helped with the disciplinary part were Sahil Nadiyadra and Priyanshi Parekh.

  • Round 1: The Introduction and Question Round
    • Kiran Meena, a participant in the competition, says, “The first round was where we have to deliver a speech on ourselves and were questioned upon that. It was like reflecting yourself by analyzing who you really are.”
  • Round 2: Interpreting an Abstract Painting
    • In this round, the participants were made to visualize an abstract painting for 30 seconds after which they had to interpret it. “It was amazing to see how a single painting was perceived in multiple ways by different participants”, according to Kenali Monapara, a participant.
  • Round 3: The Jury Round
    • Yash Khambhaliya felt that “This was the most fun part where we had to answer the questions of judges. The questions were aimed to check our wittiness and presence of mind.”

The Judges of the competition were Niren Pandya and Petvisha Mahida who remarked that “The competition was one of a kind which provided an excellent platform for students to explore and express themselves.” And based on their performance in all the 3 rounds the 3 winners were declared: