An Eye for an I Competition 2018 The ASIS group ICSE/ISC


The competition – ‘Eye for an I’ (The personality contest) started in the year 2014. In the last 5 years, it has become a finomina on the campus. It has gained a lot of popularity and prestige among the students.  It teaches us to be HUMAN, thinks like a HUMAN, and helps us to channelize the thought process in a constructive way.  This year’s competition is divided into three rounds.

Round 1: Creative Introduction

The students were asked to present themselves as who they were. Each student was allotted a time of 2 minutes to speak. This was the only round where a contestant could come prepared others were based on spontaneous wit and readiness of the brain. It was a treat to listen to their innovative and creative introduction. The students compared themselves with cartoon characters, superheroes,  Flowers, colors, spice box, and many more.

Round 2: Abstract Painting ( see the unseen)

This round is one of the signature rounds of the competition. Here the shortlisted candidates were shown some of the abstract images or video clips. These materials do not carry any specific meaning in them. The candidate has to see the ‘unseen’ and come out with something different. 90 seconds of planning time and  2 minutes for delivering the content.  The best part of this round is that there are no predefined answers with anyone. So they have to visualize the situation and come up with some surprising ideas. Even the audience participated very enthusiastically.

Round 3: Get your Bs ready ( The Brain and Bum… ! )

The third round has always been a surprising one. In this round, The Hosts were to ask a question to the contestant for which answering was mandatory. Questions were asked about the details that they filled in the “sign-up” form.  The questions and tasks were made using their strength and weakness mentioned in their signup form.  The competition is all about overcoming your fears and weakness. Some of the interesting tasks/challenges made this year are:   You are an all-rounder teacher. The school management has asked you to teach Physics (Newton’s three laws) using commercial terms! , Make a rap using the scientific terms given and sing it in the tune of a Bhajan.  Ramp walk while solving mathematical problems. etc.

This year the competition was divided into two chapters. Chapter 1 was organized by ASIS student for the SBPS and Chapter 2 was organized by SBPS students for ASIS.

The organizing committee members were :

Darsh Mehta , Shivani Parashar , Suyash Khambhalia , Abhijit Gupta, Simran Keshwani, Diya Vyas , Priyanshi Kukadia , Sakshi Viradiya  and  Hasti Pandya.

The competition was judged by Miss Rajal Kag , Miss Anushka Singhal , Miss Helly Vasani and Mr, Niren Pandya.

Winners 2018

  • SBPS (Chapter 1)
    • Mr. SBPS  →  Malik Isani
    • Miss. SBPS → Umangi Akolkar  & Sanskriti Upadhyay
  • ASIS  (Chapter 2)
    • Mr. ASIS Sr.  →  Daksh Vyas
    • Miss. ASIS Sr.  →  Shivani Parashar
    • Mr. ASIS Jr.  →  Arnav Agarwal
    • Miss. ASIS Jr.  →  Muskan Bansal


Reviews by  Winners of Eye for an I – 2018

Definitely winning a competition is great confidence.  Especially when it is about winning a competition like ‘Eye for an eye’…  A competition which is organized for the purpose of making the person known to their own inner self…

It was a mesmerizing experience being a part of such a beautiful competition.

Each and every round was beautifully designed and executed which in turn was very knowledgeable for participants as well as the audience. I feel very lucky being a winner of this competition and achieving the tag of “Miss SBPS“.

-Sanskruti Upadhyay (Miss SBPS  Eye for an I – 2018 Chapter -1 )

“Eye for an I ” This title itself creates an image in our mind that something is special in it! This is totally a self-development competition wherein one can be outspoken and is an amazing platform that builds up good orators. I am really glad to be a part of the winning team in this competition. It is really a moment of PROUD to be Ms.SBPS. I wholeheartedly thank Niren sir to conduct this kinda competition where one is encouraged and motivated to overcome his/her fear.

Thank you.

– Umangi Akolkar Miss SBPS  Eye for an I – 2018 Chapter -1 )

My experience of the event Eye for an I was awesome not because I won the competition but it gave me a platform where I can share my vision and I think that is what the Eye symbolizes. As a new student in this school, this event has given me an identity to represent myself

–  Malik Isani  Mr. SBPS  Eye for an I – 2018 Chapter -1 )

An eye for an I is a competition that is unique in itself and IS DRIVEN TO SUCCEED AND STRIVES FOR MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS. It’s a perfect place to find the talents that are hidden in you which you never tried to explore before this. I am delighted to be a part of this competition as this abet me to explore myself and also it helped me to explore my strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, I would like to thank Niren sir and his whole team who worked hard to present the competition in an interesting and exciting way.

It was a delight to be a part of this event.

– Daksh Vyas (Mr, ASIS  (Sr)  – 2018 Chapter -2)

‘Eye for an I’ every ‘eye’ sees the same image but every ‘I’ interprets it differently. I am glad to be the winner of this competition and also to be a part of the organizing team of Chapter 1. This event helped me to explore myself, my abilities, and my wittiness. It exposed my latent abilities by testing what I believe is my strength and weakness. All the pressure, nervousness, adrenaline rush, and fear that I experienced on stage, eventually helped me to overcome it and motivated me to simply be ME. This event is a huge Thanks to Niren sir and the organizing team. Thank you Niren sir.

– Shivani Parashar  (Miss, ASIS  (Sr)  – 2018 Chapter 2)

The competition not only left good memory but at the same time, it encourages you to be yourself. it was a life-changing experience for me. It has helped me to boost my confidence a lot.

– Aarnav Aggarwal (Mr, ASIS  (Jr)  – 2018 Chapter -2)

Eye for an I the most awaited competition of the year, which not only is a personality development competition but also a fun one. It brings out the best in the child and gives a good exposure and also helps one’s mind to interpret innumerable ideas and to think out of the box. It expands the horizon of one’s thinking. At last, it was a great experience altogether and I had a lot of fun.