An eye for an I 2019 (Chapter 1) Competition ICSE/ISC

EYE FOR AN I – 2019 Chapter 1 (ASIS)
(A Personality Contest)

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before. It has been 7 years now and this competition is spreading its wings year after year. Approximately 700+ students across the ASIS campus had participated and gained a lot from it. This year Chapter 1 (ASIS) floored on 18th October 2019 with 30 finalists chosen from 70+ auditions.

The tagline for the Chapter 1 was – THE REAL EYES REALIZE WHAT REALLY LIES!

One has to enter the competition with a bunch of confidence and wittiness in the pocket. The surprise elements are waiting for you at each step. Climbing up the stage everyone feels the heat. The rush of blood and adrenalin in the vein makes the leg shiver but the one who conquers them becomes the champion.
The format of the competition remains the same since its inception.

The competition is divided into three rounds

Round 1: The Creative Introduction
The students were asked to present themselves as who they were. Each student was allotted a time of 2 minutes to speak. This was the only round where a contestant could come prepared others were based on spontaneous wit and readiness of the brain.

Round 2: Abstract Painting
In this round, the contestant was asked to look at a painting for 1 minute. And explain his thoughts on it for 2 minutes. This round truly depicts the soul of the competition as they have to see the ‘other’ side of the picture and come up with some creative idea about the abstract image. 10 participants were eliminated after the end of this round.

The third round has always been a surprising one. In this round, The Hosts were to ask a question to the contestant for which answering was mandatory. Questions were asked about the details that they filled in the “profile”.The participants have to perform a “Challenge”, prepared by the Judges and the Hosts. The challenges ranged from enacting as Narendra Modi to defending a case as a lawyer. To giving a Humorous Speech about Daily soap characters. This was the final round of the competition. It was time to bid farewell to Eye for an I again this year only to eagerly wait for it to come back next year.

Ms. Sarika Agarwal and Mr. Niren Pandya judged the competition effectively.

Winner: Chapter 1
Devansh Vora of class 11th Science Mr. ASIS Sr.
Unnati Joshi of class 11th Commerce Miss. ASIS Sr.
Arnav Kalathia of class 10th Science Mr ASIS Jr.
Nishtha Pandya of class 10th Science Miss ASIS Jr.

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