Amarjyoti Saraswati International School Student Mohit Gurumukhani

Mohit is a talented, sincere, hardworking, and focused child who has brought glory not only to his school but also to his parents. He had always topped in his class right from his early childhood with above 95% of marks. Not only that he had an opportunity to appear in various national and International exams pertaining to Maths, Science, English, Computers, and General Knowledge, and wherein he had excelled in most of these exams resulting in about 200 certificates and 40 gold medals.

His interest in Maths speaks volumes of his talent. He topped in all 10 levels of UCMAS exams and also completed its graduation. He had topped in Gujarat in UCMAS competitions for 3 consecutive years and once topped at the national level. He had an opportunity to appear in international UCMAS competition held in Malaysia where he stood 4th in the world

Mohit had been chosen as a winner of the LG Lead XI Lead Your Champs contest. He was one of the only 15 children selected from across India and had won the chance to participate in a unique walkout, leading the stars of the Indian Cricket team on the field of ICC World Twenty20 in the West Indies in April 2010.

Mohit also has an interest in sports like cricket, lawn tennis, and football. He has been trained for singing and harmonium(competed in grade 4 with first-class). He also is trained at playing chess and had also participated at the state level.

His motto in life to do something unique and different to contribute to the nation. Below is a list of his achievements

Serial no.CompetitionLevelDateAchievement
1UCMASGujarat Level22/01/2006Consolation
2UCMASNational Level20/08/2006Consolation
3UCMASGujarat Level19/01/2008Champion (1st rank)
4UCMASGujarat Level14/12/2008Champion (1st rank)
5UCMASNational Level18/08/2007Consolation
6UCMASNational level13/07/2008Runner Up 2 (3rd rank)
7UCMASNational Level5/07/2009Champion (1st rank)
8UCMASInternational level28/11/2010Fourth place
9SOF NCONational Level25/10/2010Participation
10Science TalentNational Level20093rd rank in State
11NSTSENational Level31/01/201088th rank in India
12Maths TalentNational level20094th rank in State
13SOF IMOInternational level10/12/2009Participation
14SOF NCONational Level22/03/201015th rank in India
15Unified CouncilNational Level2009/1088th rank in India
16Silverzone IOSInternational Level2009239th Olympiad rank
17SOF IMOInternational Level22/03/201063rd International rank
18Macmillan MathematicsInternational Level2009High distinction
19Macmillan ComputerInternational Level2009High distinction
20Shri Brihad Gujarat Sanskrit ParishadNational Level2010First class
21Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti, VardhaNational Level2009First class
22Akhil Bhartiy Gandharv Mahavidhyalaya  MandalNational Level2/04/2010First class
23Akhil Bhartiy Gandharv Mahavidhyalaya  MandalNational Level24/03/2009First class
24Macmillan ScienceInternational Level2009Distinction
25Macmillan EnglishInternational Level2009Distinction
26Macmillan ComputerInternational Level2009State topper
27Silverzone IOELInternational Level2010488th Olympiad rank
28Silverzone IOMInternational Level2009273rd Olympiad rank
29ASSET ScienceNational Level2008Outstanding performance
30ASSETNational Level2008Outstanding performance
31Macmillan MathematicsInternational Level2008High distinction
32Macmillan ScienceInternational Level2008Distinction
33Macmillan EnglishInternational Level2008Distinction
34Macmillan ComputerInternational Level2008High dstinction
35NSTSENational Level2009156th rank in India
36SOF NSONational Level15/01/20094138th rank in India
37SOF IMOInternational level18/12/20/81526th rank in International Level
38SOF NCONational Level16/10/2008178th rank in India
39Silverzone IIOInternational Level20084th Olympiad rank
40Silverzone IOMInternational Level200827th Olympiad rank
41SOF NCONational Level20/03/20094th rank in India
42SOF NSONational Level22/02/2009289th rank in India
43SOF NSONational Level11/01/2010372nd rank in India
44SOF NSONational LevelSept 10296th rank in India
45NSTSENational Level4/12/20121033rd rank in India
46Maths TalentNational Level20113rd rank in State Level
47Silverzone IOSInternational Level20114275th Olympiad rank
48Silverzone IOSInternational Level2011683rd Olympiad rank
49EduHeal NIMONational level2011Merit
50EduHeal NISONational level2011Merit
51EduHeal ICOInternational level2011Merit
52EduHeal IEOInternational level2011Merit
53EduHeal IGOInternational level2011Merit
54SOF IMOInternational Level15/1/201246th International rank
55ConquestNational Level2011B grade
56Science TalentNational Level20111st in Class
57Akhil Bhartiy Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya MandalNational Level14/02/20122nd class
58Karnavati Chess AcademyState Level20/02/2012Participation
59Akhil Bhartiy Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya MandalNational Level01/04/2012First class
60All India General Awarness ExaminationNational Level27/09/2011Participation
61Silverzone IOELInternational Level2010807th Olympiad rank
62Silverzone IMOInternational Level201047th Olympiad rank
63SOF NCONational Level10/09/2009205th rank in India
64SOF IMOInternational levelDec 10551st International rank
65Eduheal NIMONational Level2011Merit
66Eduheal NISONational Level2011Merit
67Eduheal IEOInternational Level2011Merit
68Eduheal ICOInternational Level2011Merit
69Eduheal IGOInternational Level2011Merit
70AITSNational Level05/12/2012Merit
71Silverzone IOSInternational Level2010780th Olympiad rankmpiad rank
72SOF NSONational Level20102846th Olympiad rank
73NSTSENational Level2011974th Olympiad rank
74Maths TalentNational Level20102nd rank in State
75Science TalentNational Level20101st in State Level
76Rashtrabhasha Prathmik ParikshaNational Level2009Merit
77All India Environment Awareness CompetitionNational Level12/02/2011Participation
78Dr. Salim Ali Memorial Feather Conservation AwardNational Level14/02/2011Participation
79All India General Knowledge ContestNational Level27/09/2010Participation
80ConquestNational Level2010B grade
81SOF NSONational Level22/03/201075th Olympiad rank