AD MAD SHOW – Grade 1st & 2nd | August 2022

AD MAD SHOW | Grade 1st & 2nd | August 2022

A picture is Louder than a word, and when it comes to showing it in true meaning, nothing can be better than a good advertisement. The Ad Mad Show Competition is an opportunity to bring out individual and collective talent of the students participantting in it and explore their creativity and stage presentation skill. At Amarjyoti Saraswati International School, the students of Grade 1& 2, had an Ad Mad Show Competition on 27th August 2022, where they were equipped with the knowledge of Ad making and wonderfully executed their presentation in front of their judges, classmates and parents.

The students were judged on their ability to attract audience, innovative quality and their appealing and everlasting impression on their Ad product. It was very encouraging and inspiring to see them exchanging their thoughtful ideas.

On seeing the effective and convincing presentation of our students we are sure that the Ad Mad show competition was an instant hit as the budding talents were at their Creative best to show case the tremendous abilities. The competition was graced by our honorable judges Ms.Vandana Singh and Ms.Devarchana Bir.

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