A chart making Competition for Student of Std Std 1st & 2nd ICSE/ISC

The years spent by the students in the primary section are a vital stage of their growth and development. They are truly the years of creativity and spirit of adventures. It set the foundation of living a long time. Keeping this in mind the Amar Jyoti International School had organized Chart Making Competition for I and II on 30th June.

Most of the students participated in this competition. The aim of this competition was to develop a creative instinct among students. The topics were given a month in advance so that students got enough time to prepare the chart. Participants were judged on different measures, like presentation, topic clarity, neatness, and speech.

The charts were made in Science, English, Hindi, Computer, etc. The students explained their charts in a few lines. Some of the charts were interactive and the way the students were giving the speech was really amazing. Various new styles were incorporated in its design using crafty methods. Some charts were so mesmeric that they easily caught our attention during display.

We had an opinion that those charts were meaningful which a child made with the minimum help of their parents because the main purpose of preparing a chart is to learn and remember notes quickly.

This competition would not have been accomplished without the help of the parents. The ASIS family thanks students, parents, and judges (Sonali Parekh, Manali Kanakiya, and Neha Shah) for their participation in the competition enthusiastically and for making it a great success.