Beach Cleanliness Drive – Nurture the Nature

Protecting the mother nature is the responsibility of every individual. With environmental issues like water contamination, pollution, and climate change, we need to look for ways to reverse the damage to our planet and keep our environment clean. ASIS along with the Bhavnagar heritage club, took the initiative reach the Hatabh beach and undertake the cleaning process.

Princess Brijeshwariba Gohil, who is heading the Bhavnagar heritage club, reached ASIS in the morning around 8 am. Students gave a warm welcome to her.

The entire team of teachers and students along with Brijeshwariba Gohil reached the beach. The cleaning program got initiated with a speech on protecting the nature by our principal Rajendrasinh Gohil. Followed by an invigorating speech by the princess.

Cleaning process went on for a long time. A good length of beach was cleaned up by the teachers, students and the princess herself.