Magical Expressions

Nowadays, the concept of communication has been changed. Recently Web-based communication is a significant proportion on market so emojis are commonly used in today’s Web-based communication. Generally, emoji is short description of long human thought or human behaviour. Emojis or faces are usually characters of sign language.

The creation of Emoji is one such innovation that realised human feeling. The Oxford dictionary chose the emoji “face with tears of joy” as word of the year 2015. In short, emojis are used every day in technological world. It is easy to express in the civilised world because that directly touch with human emotions. Amarjyoti Saraswati international School has organized “Magical Expression Competition“. In which kids of Grade 1 and 2 have taken part enthusiastically and enjoyed a lot.

Judges of the competition:-
1) Ms.Reenu Pandit
2) Ms.Premal Andharia

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Winners of the competition
1) Jaymin Lalwani
2) Shloka Devmurari
2) Prahil Makwana
3) Veer Khatsuria
3) Prayan Sonpal
Conso- Zainab Masani

1- B
1) Varun Lalwani
2) Ananya Sethia
2) Zeel Derala
3) Hargun Vyas
3) Abhinav Trivedi
Conso- Aryan Makwana

1) Vyom Pitroda
2) Jash Mehta
2) Krushnrajsinh Jadeja
3) Aayrah Salewala
3) Hitansh Bhut
Conso- Amrut Huria
1) Nityam Hemrajani
2) Mo.Ali Varteji
2) Burhannudin Chhatariya
3) Yukti Katariya
3) Riddhi Tayal
Conso- Shaurya Vora
1) Aviraj Acharya
2) Pranshu Virani
2) Ronak Lalwani
3) Bhavarth Bhadiyadra
3) Manan Chhagnani
Conso- Twishaa Banka

1) Tvisha Sharma
2) Kia Mehta
2) Kavya Pithva
3) Dharraa Rajai
3) Gauri Kulkarni
Conso- Pavitradevi Gohil

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