A Salute to Frontline Warriors: Our Ex-students of ASIS

A Salute to Frontline Warriors our Ex-students of ASIS Amarjyoti Saraswati International School Bhavnagar Gujarat Amarjyoti Gohil Ankit Akolkar The ASIS Group

The 2019–2020 coronavirus pandemic is upending life on a global level as we know it. While on one hand people across India and around the globe are largely confined to their homes with businesses and educational institutions all shut down in an attempt to contain the virus, and on the other hand doctors, health-care workers, and medical staff members are leading the battle against COVID-19 from the front. Putting their own lives at risk with selfless determination for the sake of saving lives, they truly are our heroes in these challenging times. While they are putting their own health, families, and most importantly their own lives at risk, the least we can do is appreciate their efforts and cooperate by staying safe indoors.

On top of that, many doctors have even sacrificed their own lives in the line of duty.

ASIS group of schools feel proud of these corona warriors who are the ex-students of the school.

Hearty thanks from the family of ASIS.